I am so excited to announce that To Grandma’s House is now available in all of my shops including on Ravelry.

While I love all of the patterns that I have created, this one is so very dear to me.  I think I love it so much because it is so loved by my little girls.


Both of my girls are very different from each other.  My oldest daughter who is 8 years old, has since she was very small, been the adventurous spirit who has a deep connection with and love of animals and nature.  Most days she is dressed like a cheetah or running through the house like a “fiery stallion”, engulfed in make believe.

I always joke that my younger daughter sprang from the womb in a tutu, surrounded by glitter and sparkles.  She is 100% girlie girl and loves all things full of grace and pink.

When I sat down to sketch out the idea for this cape, I had both of my girls in mind.  I knew that my youngest would love dressing up as Red Riding hood, but how fun it would be, I thought, to quickly change with a flip of the cape, into the Big Bad Wolf!

IMG_1446 IMG_1459 IMG_1471

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