Summer Knits!

It’s official that late spring and early summer has officially hit our house.  The blooms are popping out everywhere, I swatted my first mosquito last night and my doorbell is already tired from little fingers calling on my kids.

I have been spending more time making flower chains that knitting, but it’s been wonderful spending time outside watching little feet run after butterflies and little hands clasp up bouquets of prairie flowers.  This past winter was so long and hard on all of us, I think we’ve all determined to soak up as much as this glorious summer as possible.

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Of course, I still sneak in a little knitting time at night and have some really fun projects lined up for the summer and early fall.

I’ve been working with some really great yarns lately, such as Quince and Co.’s newest yarn, Kestrel.

How much do I love this linen tape for summer?  How much?  I LOVE IT TIMES 1 MILLION!

It was perfect for my latest design, North Fork.


For starters, it knits up super speed, which is really beneficial for me during the summer because I have almost zero time to knit.  It’s incredibly soft and wearable.  It’s bouncy and breezy and ultra flattering.  And the colors are just so classic.IMG_1326 I put this shirt on and envision myself standing casually at the rail of a yacht….martini in hand….breeze in my hair…..okay back to reality here.


That’s how knitting this shirt was; so carefree.  The pattern is really straight forward and easy going with little details and color changes that kept me excited about knitting.  And then it was done.  So quickly.


I have more Kestrel stashed up, so you haven’t seen the last of it.  It’s just too perfect for the summer ahead.

I’m going to try to keep you all updated here and maybe throw in a give away soon, but in the meantime, grab a friend, pick a flower or two and have a great summer!






5 thoughts on “Summer Knits!

  1. Carla

    I saw your bolera “Chateau” on Ravelry….yarns listed have too much itch for me…..what would be others choices of yarn to make this smashing bolero!

    Thanks in advance for your reply…….rake care.

  2. Carla

    I would love to make your Chaeteu cover-up but don’t like Alpaca…..too much itch for my skin. What other yarn would you recommend so I can purchase the pattern & yarn for my winter project.

    Thanks much!

    p.s. love your cat drawing…..”sip one, knit one”

  3. Evelyn

    Hello Melissa, I have purchased your American Girl cozy cardigan pattern that was combined with the sweater dress. The cozy cardigan pattern makes into a cape and not a sweater. There are no directions for arm holes but there are directions for sleeves. Could you please direct me for arm holes on this pattern. The sweater dress has worked up beautifully. Thanks in advance for your help.


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