I am so excited to announce that To Grandma’s House is now available in all of my shops including on Ravelry.

While I love all of the patterns that I have created, this one is so very dear to me.  I think I love it so much because it is so loved by my little girls.


Both of my girls are very different from each other.  My oldest daughter who is 8 years old, has since she was very small, been the adventurous spirit who has a deep connection with and love of animals and nature.  Most days she is dressed like a cheetah or running through the house like a “fiery stallion”, engulfed in make believe.

I always joke that my younger daughter sprang from the womb in a tutu, surrounded by glitter and sparkles.  She is 100% girlie girl and loves all things full of grace and pink.

When I sat down to sketch out the idea for this cape, I had both of my girls in mind.  I knew that my youngest would love dressing up as Red Riding hood, but how fun it would be, I thought, to quickly change with a flip of the cape, into the Big Bad Wolf!

IMG_1446 IMG_1459 IMG_1471

Welcome Fall

This summer has flown by so quickly and I can hardly believe that fall is nearly officially here.  After last winter’s seemingly never ending grasp, I’m welcoming this fall with mixed feelings.

Fall has historically been my favorite time of hear (although it nearly ties with spring), but knowing that winter is soon behind makes me shake a little in my boots.

None the less, I always welcome the excuse to knit little sweaters and things for my little ones.

I’ve just released two new patterns.

Puddle Duck is a sweet little pullover that knits up incredibly quickly and uses minimal yardage.

IMG_1638 IMG_1659 IMG_1647

Pier 30 is also a new pullover with loads of fun texture!

IMG_1039_medium2IMG_0990_medium2I also released a wonderful new poncho pattern called High Plains. It is so versatile and comfortable.

IMG_1095 IMG_1090 IMG_1103It is my plan now that the chilly weather is rolling in, to sit down and write more too all of you and to share some wonderful fall findings!