Friends and Collaborations

IMG_9800One of my favorite, most rewarding parts of designing, is getting to collaborate with other designers and fiber artists.  Sharing ideas and celebrating each others crafts, talents and ideas helps to make the fiber community, a warm and welcoming place.  It creates the perfect environment where new, seedling ideas can be planted in the fertile soil of imagination, then grown in the warmth of friendly critique and suggestion to ultimately produce a crop of great new products that everyone can enjoy!

I wanted to dedicate a special place just to introduce you to some of the very talented people that I’ve been blessed to get to know and who I’ve had the unique opportunity of collaborating with.  If you are a designer, or yarnie and are interested in collaboration, drop me a message!

This list is sure to grow, so be sure to check back!  You won’t want to miss out on the amazing things these women have to offer to your craft!

And so, without further adieu…

The Designers:

Hands down, the biggest blessing that has ever come out of my design experience is my design partnership and dear friendship to Alicia Plummer.  Alicia is one of the most down to earth, super moms out there.  Her ideas and design work are a constant inspiration!   A girl couldn’t ask for a better “coworker” to bounce design ideas, headache complaints and recipes off of.  It would be difficult to point out some of our collaborations because the truth is, Alicia has been a part in nearly every design I’ve released within the last year, whether it’s helping me choose photos, or giving me her honest opinions about elements that I’m considering.  Her friendship is invaluable to me.

The Yarnies:

Rebecca at Augustbird Yarns. I have been lucky to work with Rebecca’s lovely yarns on a few occasions now.  Her yarns are wonderfully soft and the variegation in them is gorgeous!  You can see them used in my Lapwing Hat , as well as in my Relativity cowl.  She offers a wonderful selection of yarn weights that your fingers will love.

Elena at Colour Adventures offers colors and yarn bases that will have your head swimming.  How will you ever choose?  You can see her yarn in action in my Downton Girl hat. Not only does Elena produce amazing yarns, but she is also a very talented designer.  Get your purse and lets go shopping!

Dani at Sunshine Yarns is so sweet and so is her yarn to work with!  Like butter in your hands!  Her sock yarn was the perfect match for my Bradbury wrap as well as my Time To Reap mitts.  Her color selection is fabulous!

Kim and Heather at Western Sky Knits  produce some of the most elegant yarn I’ve ever used!  The drape in their Magnolia DK was the perfect match for my Affectionate hat and Coy mitts.

Sara at Lush Mommy yarns has yarns that are so soft and lofty, you’ll swear that you’re knitting with clouds.  I adored working with her yarns in my Homegrown cardigan.

Julie at Julie Asselin Yarns has yarns and colorways that make me say oooo and ahhhhh! I am currently working on the softest, most amazing blue cardigan; the depth of color and the perfect variegation le sigh! 

Malabrigo Yarns, need I say more?  The colors, the textures, the everything. Malabrigo has been the go to yarn for many of my patterns because they are so incredibly beautiful and versatile.  When you knit with Malabrigo, you truly feel that you are creating your own piece of art.You can see Malabrigo at work in some of my favorite projects including, Wilde, Selkie, The Road To Gimmerton and Hemmingway.

 Bare Naked Wools/ Knitspot,  This yarn was a bit out of the norm for me to work with because it’s less processed than other yarns, but it was really wonderful!  The rustic qualities and colors added such a fun contrast to my typically romantic design work with Cabaletta.  The yarn is springy and bouncy and exciting to work with!

Swans Island Yarns is (and if your name is Pheobe Buffay you may be offended by this) what I consider to be the Pottery Barn of yarns.  Working with it makes me feel wealthy, wearing it makes me feel like a millionaire.  This yarn is so soft and luxurious and classic….it reminds me of the fine linens and soft throws at the Pottery Barn!  I have been blessed to be able to work with Swans Island on a few occasions now, you can see it used in my Douglas Fir Hat, the matching Brimson Wrap, as well as Nevermind.  The staff at Swans Island are helpful and gracious- a real joy to work with.

Shalimar Yarns is oh so soft and oh so amazing.  They were the perfect match for my romantic Memoirs hat and mitts set.  The variegation was perfect and the texture of the yarn really popped he texture.  Such a pleasure to work with this company who also has lightning speed shipping  Wowza!!