For The Love Of October

What can I say?  Even though I know that it means that winter (ughgh that ugly, ugly word) is just around the corner, I am still forever in love with the month of October.

There is nothing in the world that can come close to comparing to the quiet evenings when my boots crunch through the leaves and the smell of the woodstove hangs in the air when I’m visiting my Dad’s house.

The colors of Wisconsin are blazing and the leaves stick to the wet roads.  Everything seems to get quieter.  My radio goes from the upbeat songs of summer, to more thoughtful, softer tunes.  I love anything folk inspired and have been obsessed with this Hearts on Fire song by Passenger.  It’s that violin….it gets me every time.


My girls love the Fall.  There is something so exciting about putting on a warm coat for the first time in the year and breathing in the rich smell of fallen leaves.10422080_10204624824198792_7625200592809656054_nFor me, the onset of the brisk weather means sweaters.  There is something so comforting about sliding your arms into a comforting hand knit and wrapping it around yourself.

I’ve released Trego, just in time for knitting while sipping apple cider.  And it knits up quickly!

This cardigan is knit with worsted weight yarn, but I chose to use larger needles to keep the fabric light and drapy.   I tend to get hot quickly and since I knit this cardigan for fall, when the weather isn’t quite subzero yet, I wanted it to keep me warm without suffocating me.  The sleeves are knit extra long for pulling down over my hands if they get a little chilly.

IMG_58192 IMG_5956 IMG_5756 IMG_5829


Happy fall wherever you are at!


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