Douglas Fir

Most of the time when I’m designing, I have a clear idea of what my design will look like.  I write up my pattern, work out my charts and knit up my sample.  But sometimes, half way through a design, or just after I’ve worked up my sample, I think to myself, “hmmmm, what if I…..”.

I typically go with either the first, or 2nd version of my design for publication when that happens, but for my latest design, Douglas Fir, now available in my Ravelry shop, I really liked both versions the hat and so, decided to make both versions available as a single pattern purchase. This means that you can knit different versions of the hat for your 2 best friends this Christmas!

IMG_02012 IMG_02102 IMG_02032

I had to share that last night, I was lucky enough to see one of my musical idols LIVE in concert at the quaint, but beautiful Arcada Theater in St Charles, IL.

I don’t even know where to begin with telling you how inspirational Judy’s songs have been for me throughout my entire life.  As a young girl, full of imagination, I remember staring out my bedroom window at the pine woods across the field and being taken away by songs like Albatross.

I always imagined that I was the lady “with her long hair blowing”, and that it was me who was “watching seagulls fly, silver on the ocean, stitching through the waves, the edges of the sky…”.    Lyrics like this, accompanied by emotional piano and Judy’s voice have transported me and taken me, time and time again into the loveliest kind of daydreams and led me by the hand into my own creativity.

But it’s not just the lyrics to the songs that Judy writes, it’s the way that she sings the songs that others have written as well.  Her voice is like nothing I have ever heard.  It’s crystal.

After the concert last night, I’ve decided….I’m pretty sure I want to grow up to be Judy Collins, or at the very leas,t I want to look and sound like her when I am her age.







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