Artistic Differences Book Review!

Music has been a part of my life forever and going to see live music has been something I’ve enjoyed doing with my family since I was a child. I have enjoyed a wide range of venues, from the intimate setting of the coffee house, where acoustics ring out simple truths and artist’s words touch your soul, to the massive, urban rock venues where electric chords grab a hold of you and fill you from the inside out. I have always found not only music itself, but also the entire musical atmosphere to be hugely inspiring.

With this in mind, and the fact that well…I may be an obsessive knitter, I was immediately drawn to the storyline and knit designs in Talitha Koumi’s new book Artistic Differences.
The backdrop of the book is a day in the life of 2 different musicians and each design gives you an interpretation from both artist’s perspective; the rocker chick and the boho girl. How cool is that?

Many of the designs actually give you 2 completely different knitting options with regard to stitch pattern and texture, while others have easy to work modifications that allow you to express either the edgier, or the softer side of your knitting style.
I absolutely love the concept behind this book and the versatility that each design offers. The book offers a skillfully arranged “set list” with thoughtful accessories that are the perfect prelude to the collection’s gorgeous sweaters.

Like any artist’s music that you fall in love with, it can be hard to pick that “favorite piece”, but here are a few that I was immediately drawn to:

Setto is a cabled pullover that manages to break free from the typical cabled sweater mold. Lush, wavelike cables cascade down the front and back of the sweater.

Despite their generous size, the cables remain soft, yet intricate and their placement lends to gorgeous, natural shaping in the finished piece.

Knitting a pair of socks has been on my “to do list” for ages and Talitha’s Imp socks just may be the pair that finally help me land that check mark.



With uncomplicated but perfectly placed texture at the back of the sock, these are not only easy on the eyes, but also inviting to someone new to sock knitting. I adore the shaping which leads to intriguing lines and promises comfort.

Now, with every album, there is always that one song that you fall in love with immediately, you know….the one you play 100 times in a row and belt out in the car….
For me that one piece in this collection, the one that grabbed me immediately and pulled me in, the one that I find myself turning to again and again is Tensitiy.

I. Love. This. Bag. I love everything about it. I love both versions, I love the hardware, I love the cable.
I. Need. This. Bag.
Rather than rambling on, I will just let you look at the photos. Let’s look together and just sigh. And sigh again……


I am thoroughly enjoying Talitha’s book, her vision and her cool, right on target style. She manages to keep things not only interesting and unique, but truly flattering and wearable….a statement which is music to my ears and happiness to my knitting fingers.

A bit of info about Talitha:


Talitha Kuomi is an indie knitwear designer.  Her patterns have been published in Knitscene, Twist Collective, Knit.wear and assorted knit -themed books. She lives and breathes just south of Boston, MA.  She loves being close enough to the city to get in, and far enough away to get away. Wherever the journey takes her, once she can find Orien’s Belt in the night sky, she feels that things will be alright.  She is ‘talithakuomi’ on Ravelry and writes about whatever catches her attention here.

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