737087_10200094696548432_1042738450_oI’m Melissa, a mom to 2 brilliantly cute little girls and wife to Dave, my very own Superman.  We live in the beautiful Midwest.

We are second generation homeschoolers, which means that our days are full of interesting books and “dirt under your fingernails, mud and leaves on your boots, paint on the floor” activities.

A warm latte, or mocha is always running through my bloodstream and I am seriously addicted to whipped cream.

After the kiddos are dancing with the Sandman, the husband and I curl up on the couch and I knit.  Many of my pieces are inspired by the romantic books, illustrations, paintings and movies that I love.  I appreciate simplistic, attainable designs that I can knit while being swept away by Laurence Olvier in Wuthering Heights.   I am in love with love and and try to incorporate a little bit of romance, whether subtle, or epic, into each of my designs.