When I was a child, my parents packed up my younger brother and me in our classic, 1980’s Chevy van and we traveled with my grandparents away from the suburbs of Chicago, deep into the north woods of Minnesota to the Gunflint Trail.

Trading the crammed rows of houses for the tall pines, the winding waters and vast, star filled sky always filled us with excitement. Nothing enticed my 5 year old imagination, or thrilled me more than the possibility of seeing a moose or bear with my own eyes rather than on the tv screen, or in the pages of one of my Ranger Rick magazines. There were walks with my grandpa, and in the evenings, I would sit with my mother in the lodge and she would read books to me and tell me stories of when she was a girl. 
The stitches of this wrap meld together the straight lines of the bustling city, with the organic curves of the untamed north.

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I also wanted to let you all know that I have started using my Instagram account much more frequently.  Instagram has proven to be a very convenient way for me to get sneak peak photos out there as well as other announcements ect.  In the upcoming year I plan to run some giveaways (and they will be good!) to my Instagram followers only so be sure to look me up @ dandiliongrl.

Have a happy holiday to you all!   So much love to you all!





Happy Halloween!

Next to Christmas, Halloween is my children’s favorite holiday.  It can be attributed to the dressing up and the bags full of candy for sure.


We spend the months leading up to October searching the resale shops for odds and ends that will become not only costumes for Halloween, but costumes to slip into the rest of the year.  If there is one thing my girls love, it is pretending to be something else.

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There have been countless days at the homeschool table where I have given math lessons to a skunk, or lunches where I have fed a ferocious cheetah, or cowgirl.

Speaking of dressing up, after releasing my little To Grandma’s House cape, I was flooded with email requests for an adult version.  I am happy to let you know that the adult version is now available on Ravelry!

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